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Lets Face The Incarceration of Women

We Are Ready To Get Your Life Back. Are You?

If you’re ready to: 

  1. Become whole so you can get your children and loved ones back. To know placement and reunification needs.
  2. Address you, behind substance abuse issues. Get on track with your physical health.
  3. Know yourself so you can prepare yourself to enroll in vocational or educational programs.
  4. Learn how to get employment and careers that offer enough financial support, even with a criminal record.
  5. Transition yourself for your transitional needs (spiritually equip yourself for housing, work, and system obligations with probation or parole).
You need a coach who can help you: 

  1. Understand why your parental’ rights were taken, and realize your loved ones just need the real you to show up.
  2. No wonder why you feel in constant pain, and think you look bad. You just really never met the real you.
  3. Know how you think and how you best learn so you can be successful in obtaining a GED or go to college or trade school.
  4. Take a look at where you are with financial stability and get you to the resources in place to help you as a felon.
  5. Learn how to re-enter society with an inner peace so you can participate fully in programs and services that help you journey back from incarceration.
If you want to join and be my coaching client, here’s the process…

First, you enroll by clicking the Buy Now button, and then you get an email allowing you immediate access to the coaching site where you will find a collection of videos, help aids, and resources to guide you. There is where you will schedule your coaching sessions.

You will also have daily access to me for questions and the opportunity to Skype me in between sessions if needed. You’ll also have access to login on our members only page here on the website. It’s a coaching program designed for clients who want to finally be free and live a life with lasting change. Coaching is weekly.

I recommend at least a month commitment, to get the whole experience.

I don’t offer refunds for previous weeks, but you can cancel anytime.

Cost $399 for 4 Sessions


  • Reserved online, in person, or phone session (your choice) at your booked time and location
  • Starter Packet (secured link emailed with access to a Library of videos, printable resources, and information)
  • Two weekly check in phone calls
  • Workbook (printed lessons, worksheets, templates, and tracking forms)
  • 3 months access to our online library full of books, podcast, videos, and resources
  • 3 months access to our online Group Lessons
Are you ready to work with us?

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, I have been there and I can help you get your life back. By showing and teaching you who you “really are”. The person nobody told you about. The person you were created to be. Not the number the system gave you.

At Lets Face It, there are two main ways to work with us, as an incarcerated woman or as a female ex-offender

If you want to be coached by Tonia, you can join our “Keep It Real” coaching program by clicking The BUY NOW button. Here’s your path to relatable coaching and actual instructions and materials to help you “FACE FORWARD, AND MOVE FORWARD. See You Soon!

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